•   After being in a line with no signs of social distancing and everyone on top of each other, it was my turn to encounter the proprietors of this dodgy operation.... read more

    thumb Patrick R.

      My favorite fresh seafood Market. Family owned and super friendly. They always have fresh catch and perfect if you don't want to up so early for Dory's. Call ahead to... read more

    thumb Cindy W.

      I'm happy to report this family-owned gem is open once again. Limited days/hours (Thursday-Saturday, 12-5 pm), but serving fresh fish options as always. I can't wait to get in the... read more

    thumb Brandy K.
  •   They are friendly but super fake and only nice to get your business. Once you walk out the door their true colors show. They are like used car salesmen. Never... read more

    thumb Bobbie K.

      We love Pearson's Port, it's a small family business that is deserving of your support.  Their hours are super convenient compared to the hours of Dory's and Carley is always... read more

    thumb Chris F.

      Went yesterday to Pearson's Port. Masks required. Bought one lb of Yellowtail. Grilled it last night. It was truly the best fish that we have had all year.

    thumb Eric H.
  •   We got the halibut here last week and it was the best we've ever had! The service and pick up process was great as well.

    thumb Lily S.

      Spotted Prawns!  

    In an unassuming shack on the water in Newport Beach lies this seafood oasis.  My wife sent me here to get some spotted prawns and it was a... read more

    thumb Jeffrey L.

      This place is great!! Riley is super friendly and knowledgeable about his fish and lobsters and clams! We bought sashimi grade yellowtail and tuna. I can't wait to slice it... read more

    thumb Elisa G.
  • 5 star review  Best sushi-grade fish and incredibly personable and knowledgeable owners. Worth every penny!

    thumb Elizabeth Brady

    4 star review  Live shrimp and clams, crabs when available. Fresh, quality surpasses the supermarkets.

    thumb Terry York

    5 star review  Very Frindly Staff. Very Fresh Lobster, Crab, and Shrimp, they are SOOO TASTY ! ! I really love them. When we invited Guests, all of them really enjoyed, loved, then pleased to our serving dinner. In our case, we don't boil Crabs or Lobsters. We steam them. Just my feelings, it is more tasty when we tried to steam Crabs and Lobsters. 茹でるより『蒸すッ! !』 これが、蟹の正しい調理方法ッ ! ! と、信じております。

    thumb No.money No.honey
  • 5 star review  Fantastic place to pick up any fresh fish, crab, clams, shrimp, lobster. Amazing family owned place and extremely helpful

    thumb Garett Kerley

    5 star review  Family run, clean, long-lasting. This place is old school in the best way possible. I've never had bad seafood from here. Can't recommend enough.

    thumb Brett Kozeluh